POWER comes in 2 classes & 2 types:
Personal Power & Position Power
Functional & Dysfunctional
POSITION POWER comes from your job description: Boss, Manager, Lead-person, CEO, Mother, Father, Wife, Husband, Teacher, Therapist, Policeman. Position Power is shown by what people DO in that position.
PERSONAL POWER comes from what you know, what you believe, and what you do about it. Personal Power is generated by thoughts, feelings, opinions, behaviors, experiences, and the decisions that we make about behavior. That is what: we could DO - should DO - feel to DO - think to DO - need to DO.
DYSFUNCTIONAL POWER is “ME” oriented. People who abuse power are running scared inside - regardless of what you see on the outside. Power abusers usually have a well developed “look-good” for their outside social display. Power abusers can appear loud and abusive or charming and cooperative.
FUNCTIONAL POWER is “I-YOU-WE” oriented. These people are team players who work for mutual benefit for the long run. They have perspective and a well developed sense of
“give-and-take” about working with others.

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