This includes 2nd order analysis of structure as well as the function of the ego-states within the child. The large Parent is referred to as P1, the large Adult as A1, the large Child as C1.

The 2nd order ego-states, the P-A-C within the Child are referred to as P2, A2, and C2.

PAM LEVIN, RN, has produced a rather nice chart, 1974 about the growth and development stages of a person in Transactional Analysis terminology and theory.

P2 is also called “SPOOKY” ARTICLE IN THE TAJ
A2 is also called “SPUNKY” FANITA ENGLISH
C2 is also called “SLEEPY” TAJ 2:2 APR 72

I routinely identify P2 as the “storehouse” of the rules for relationships that children learn in the intimate “hothouse” of childhood. These rules are often not adequate or distorted or grossly contaminated to be used successfully as a grown-up.

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