tells us that our personality is made up of 3 basic parts called

The 3 ego-states are: Parent - Adult - Child.

These are different from real parents, real children and real grown-ups. Ego-states begin with a capital letter to show the difference between a Parent ego-state and a parent raising a child, or adults running a business.

An ego-State is defined as  a coherent system of: thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Each ego-state has a characteristic set of traits : 
  • Ways of feeling and showing mad-sad-glad-scared.
  • Styles of smiling, saying "hello" and "goodbye".
  • Ways of holding and moving their body.
  • Ways of thinking clearly ( or not ! ).
  • How to behave in private/public.
  • How to use power - control.
  • How to love-work-play.

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