I am 75 years old, so many of these clips appeal to my older
generation. Some, however, are classic by themselves. For
example: Tim Conway and his famous Siamese Elephants.
However, they all have some valuable TA references.


PURPOSE: To illustrate infectious Natural Child humor

SCENE: The Carol Burnett Show. Tim Conway loved cracking up the
other cast members. In this case Momma gets the last laugh.

TA EXPLANATION: Seducing the Natural Child with images.


PURPOSE: George (Richard Burton) and Martha (Elizabeth Taylor)
are characters in ”Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”. An excellent film
demonstrating a myriad of power plays in their relationship.
Sometimes they work together and then they turn on each other.

SCENE: After a long and exhausting day, ending with the two of them
trashing a young couple, George and Martha head out of the bar
for home. George complains of Martha’s treatment of him.

TA EXPLANATION: This scene shows the Process (not Content) about
why they married. Martha states the Process truth and George goes
into abject denial, not wanting to admit the emotional power plays.

where I explain the difference between process and content.


PURPOSE: To show and enjoy professional humor and The power
of the seductive Child. Tim Conway always worked hard to
crack-up his fellow players and get them to laugh. In this case
”Momma” has the last laugh.

SCENE: The Carol Burnett Show

TA EXPLANATION: The power of the seductive Child


PURPOSE: The famous, or infamous, ”sandwich” scene in the movie
5 easy pieces To illustrate how the Child-Adult system can do a lot of
”work-arounds” to get what they want. However the waitress’s
Critical Parent will not be moved.

SCENE: Ordering food in a restaurant.

TA EXPLANATION: Frustrated and thwarted (with the rules) his Child
seeks to get it his way anyway – results in violence – the last resort
of a defeated intellect.

TA-TUTOR REFERENCE: fight between Rebellious Child and
Critical Parent. She has the position power and she ”wins”.
(Nobody really wins in this one – listen to his last words in the car)


PURPOSE: A humorous illustration of how we are often ”owned”
by our personal possessions. What do with our ”stuff”

SCENE: On stage with George Carlin

TA EXPLANATION: Child ownership of ”stuff” may not be as
uncomplicated as it may seem.


CAUTION: This is excellent humor about black-white relations, but
has strong language and the N word.

PURPOSE: Humor illustrates the power in racism power plays. The
ending shows that desperate people do desperate things. Big
switch in the Drama Triangle (Victim to Persecutor and back).

SCENE: Chevy chase and Richard Pryor in a Saturday Night skit
of a white human relations guy and a black applicant for a job.

TA EXPLANATION: The interviewer, at first, has the power using his
condescending and patronizing Parent to the interviewee’s over
adapted Compliant Child. Then the tables turn when the
interviewee’s Compliant Child turns to strong Rebel Child. The
interviewer switches to Scared Compliant Child, in fear, and, having
realized that he had ”gone-too-far”, backs way up and ”gives
away the farm” to placate the angry job applicant.


CAUTION: Strong language may be offensive to some viewers.

PURPOSE: Illustrates the frustration that comes with compromising
choices. This is a 4 minute summery of his angst

SCENE: In 4 parts.
1. She will trade sex for love, he trades love for sex. Mutual hustle.
2. Frustration having made the deal, emotionally cheat each other.
3. Acceptance on the road. Bury it and get on with the trip.
4. An open and intimate revelation to his father with no happy
ending, only existential, and filled with his ennui.

TA EXPLANATION: Lack of Adult negotiation in a relationship.
The Child hustles for some advantage in the relationship.


PURPOSE: This is the end of 5-Easy-Pieces. The denouement of
quiet sadness with no resolution after all the drama of the film.

SCENE: A quiet talk with his father; and his father says nothing.

TA EXPLANATION: An open and intimate revelation to his father
with no happy ending, only existential, and filled with his ennui.

TA-TUTOR REFERENCE: Adapted Child and the Drama Triangle


Excerpt from 5-EASY-PIECES-IN-4-MIN

PURPOSE: Illustrate a hustle for individual benefit, not mutual.

SCENE: Motel bedroom

TA EXPLANATION: She will trade sex for love, he trades love for sex.
Bad bargain – no MUTUAL benefit – unstable – won’t last – bad payoff.


Excerpt from 5-EASY-PIECES-IN-4-MIN (follows from

CAUTION: Strong language may be offensive to some viewers.

PURPOSE: Good illustration of 2nd degree frustration that
comes with compromising choices.

1. She will trade sex for love, he trades love for sex. Mutual hustle.
2. Frustration having made the deal, emotionally cheat each other.

TA EXPLANATION: Lack of Adult negotiation in a relationship.
The Child hustles for some advantage in the relationship.


PURPOSE: An humorous illustration of ”concrete thinking”. This is
answering the question without regard to context or social grace.

SCENE: Peter Sellers looking for hotel.

TA EXPLANATION: Could have asked ”Will you tell me . . . ” (Adult)


PURPOSE: A humorous illustration about making assumptions and
not asking enough questions about social context.

SCENE: Checking into a hotel

TA EXPLANATION: Naive Child, could have asked
”Does that dog bite”.

TA-TUTOR REFERENCE: See TA-TUTOR, Ego states, Value +/-.


CAUTION: May be offensive to some viewers – blood.

PURPOSE: A satirical homage by Dan Akroyd to Julia Child
and her famous cooking show and her personal mannerisms.

SCENE: Boning a chicken for dinner.

TA EXPLANATION: Just plain fun, Child-Adult poking fun.


CAUTION: This humor may be offensive to some people.

PURPOSE: This satirical humor is designed to highlight some of the
aspects of the shortcomings of ”Political Correctness” in the ”Battle
of the Sexes”. Example of Male-Female power dynamics.

SCENE: The Saturday Night Live entertainment TV program doing
”Point-CounterPoint” news cast.

TA EXPLANATION: The power of intimidating words is augmented
by a strong presentation using personal power and energy.

TA-TUTOR REFERENCE: See handouts section on ”23 ideas and
exercises about power”. Power can be used both functionally and


PURPOSE: To illustrate the importance of boundaries in therapy
and who (him) is in charge of the atmosphere for the responsibility
and psychological protection in the treatment room.

SCENE: Interview with Harville Hendrix, master therapist.

TA EXPLANATION: Creating and advertising Parent Potency.

TA-TUTOR REFERENCE: See TA-TUTOR Functions of Ego States,
CP, and Handfuls – 1st Order, left hand of Parent (permission, potency).


PURPOSE: To show what happens with naive trust resulting in lack
of Protection and a dream gone bad. Now he is on his own.

SCENE: in the car with his brother who was supposed to
protect him. His brother sells him out for money. ”It was you
Charlie” (and me in naive trust). In it together in the process.

TA EXPLANATION: Naive trust-no Adult contract- results in a downfall.

TA-TUTOR REFERENCE: Handouts – 5 trust contracts for ”couples”.


PURPOSE: One example of what is personal and not personal.

SCENE: Dean Martin Roast George Burns, having been
insulted for an hour by the whole panel, responds.

TA EXPLANATION: First, done in professional fun and respect.
Second, he has been insulted by pros, this is just plain fun.


PURPOSE: Giving a different perspective on lying.

SCENE: Dean Martin Roast of Jack Benny

TA EXPLANATION: George Burns lies to Jack Benny
and stays his friend. Lying here has value in context.


PURPOSE: One of Red Buttons famous ”Never got a dinner” talks with
a really good word play at the finish. Cracks himself up.

SCENE: Dean Martin Roast in Las Vegas of Frank Sinatra.

TA EXPLANATION: Complex Parent-Adult-Child humor.


SCENE: Renting a room

TA EXPLANATION: Excellent example of 1st Degree Banal
Critical Parent explaining the rules.


PURPOSE: Illustrates communication language problems with
a payoff for arrogance.

SCENE: Peter Sellers renting a room

TA EXPLANATION: Low level power play pushing the clerk around and
getting dust blown in his face as the ”power return” when the desk clerk
”levels the playing field”


PURPOSE: Over adapted child concrete thinking and behavior

SCENE: Entering a hotel for the night.

TA EXPLANATION: Lack of awareness of social context. His Child
thinks he is being taken care of but he gets ripped off. What you
see/hear is not always what you get.


SCENE: Nurturing Dad with a sick child.

”Do you feel like you want to throw up?”

TA EXPLANATION: The Natural Child can be quite suggestible.


PURPOSE: Excellent illustration of 1st Degree Banal Scripting.

SCENE: Talking about a recent event and her recollections.

TA EXPLANATION: An older couple well adapted to each other.


PURPOSE: Just for the fun of watching their fancy footwork.

Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers in a rehearsal for The Barkleys
of Broadway. Once, when complemented on her dancing, she said
”I do everything that he does, but backwards and in heels”.


PURPOSE: Just my vanity mention of TA-TUTOR, by
Steve Karpman in an interview with David Emerald.