1. Which ever role in the Durable Triangle that you do NOT know how to do, on purpose as a procedure, is the one that you need to practice to build and maintain your functional personal POWER, empathy, clarity, and value for each other.

2. Two people CAN stay in the same role with comfort. People then change to get new perspective and look for new options, choices, and solutions. When you move about freely, you can easily generate many new ideas and a supportive atmosphere. When you maintain this balance of movement you maximize equality of mutual value, and cooperation.

3. People have a favorite developed position and a favorite developed switch to another position. These are mostly learned and fine-tuned in adulthood. If you know all of them, you can use all of them for mutual comfort, growth, and love. Practice as a procedural skill will evoke your personal empathy, as well as development judgment and timing.

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