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There are 3 degrees of intensity in DURABILITY
1st Degree involves cooperative task directions - “Please take out the trash - it is time to finish your homework now. “ ”Say please and thank-you.” “I am busy now, I’ll help you later.” “No, I won’t, and here is why.” “We need to talk now.”

2nd Degree, in childhood involves explanation and instruction. “I will explain why cooperation and talking about life and problem-solving is important.” “Watch while I show you how to work with tools safely.” This is how to be a friend, what to require of a friend, and how to make & keep friends.”

3rd Degree ends up with joyful mastery, knowledge, comfort, self-esteem, healthy self-empowerment, and a clearer sense of how one fits into the world. This is the profoundly creative level. People get here by using enough words, by paying attention to lessons presented, having bad or good childhoods that they have examined well, and then to go on to make decisions -- change their lives -- and to do things well.

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